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On May 25th, 2017, Agile Austin hosted the 5th Keep Austin Agile Conference. This one-day event brought together 780 attendees from over 200 companies and all walks of Agile expertise for a day full of education, networking, and fun at the JW Marriott in Austin, TX. Slides, podcasts and videos (where available) from the conference can be found here.

We're already getting started on Keep Austin Agile 2018. To subscribe to email updates, please enter your email address to the right. For those interested in sponsoring, please email For those interested in helping out, we'll be sending out invitations to the Agile Austin mailing list.

We appreciate your interest and encourage you to join many of the monthly activities available through Agile Austin.

See here for more information on the organizations who have helped to make Keep Austin Agile 2017 possible.

Agile Austin is NOT a registered provider with the PMI. You can claim PDU's for any session you attended under "Informal Learning". We had 6 session slots (including the keynote), so you had the opportunity to claim up to 6 PDUs for this conference.

SEUs can be claimed as type: A.4 Scrum Alliance - Sponsored Event

  • Presenting, coaching, and attending sessions all count as SEU-eligible activities.
  • Additionally, because Scrum Alliance recognizes the value in impromptu (“hallway”) discussions at Scrum Gatherings, SEU's are earned at the same rate for these. A maximum of 8 SEU's may be earned per day.

For information on last year's conference (including copies of the presentations and videos), click here

Past Attendees
  • "I enjoyed the conference and would definitely come again and recommend to others.”

  • "Each session had practical, applicable information I can act on come Monday. Engaging and entertaining.”

  • "Great topics. Variety and depth. Great speakers.”

  • "There were a lot of good sessions with good ideas, example practices that can be done at home.”

  • "Always enjoy this conference.”

  • "Excellent content & networking opportunities.”

  • "Great conference; interesting selection of sessions.”

  • "Lots of practical, useful info. Well-organized. Good food too.”

  • "I love Agile Austin. Every conference I learn something new and improve.”

  • "Good talks, and the colleagues met were friendly and helpful. Great networking opportunity.”

  • "There is a lot to learn and a lot to gain from attending the conference.”

  • "Very information sessions and overall, a very well run conference.”

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