The 2017 Keep Austin Agile Conference had many great sessions. See below for copies of the presentations:

Keynote - Changing Minds: You Don't Know the Half of It! Robert Duke Video
Why the World Needs More Prescriptive Agile Coaches (Exercise) Bob Galen
ChatOps: It's Not Just for Your Operations Team Lee Fox
Continuous Delivery for Agile Teams Jeffrey Palermo
Power Coaching - Pushing the Boundaries to Build Better Teams Cherie Silas, Allison Pollard Video Podcast@
The Ugly Truth About Scaling Agile Tina Behers
Comparing Scaling Frameworks - LeSS and SAFe Leland Newsom
The Adaptive Agile Business Analyst Leon Sabarsky Podcast@
Beginning with the End in Mind - Developing a Dynamic Team Charter Chris Espy, Linda M Cook Podcast
DevOps Agility with Containers, Unikernels, and Serverless Karthik Gaekwad
If You Build It, Will They Use It? Using Business Objectives to Build the Right Thing Betsy Stockdale
What It Takes to Build High Performing Teams Yasser Farra Video Podcast
Bridging the Chasm Between Enterprise Execution Techniques and Agile Thinking Larry Maccherone
Stop Scaling, Start Growing - Culture as a First-class Concern & Principles for Growing Agile Dhaval Panchal
The Secret to Scrum Success: Scrum Values Stephanie Ockerman
FAST Agile - An Evolutionary Scaling Approach Ron Quartel
Agile Operations Teams - Kanban, Scrum, and WorkCenters Boyd Hemphill, Christa Meck Podcast
Agile Testing Principles and Praxis Earl Everett
Not Your Mama's Acceptance Criteria: A Product Owner's Guide to Writing Excellent User Stories Megan Jackson Stowe Video
'It's All About Me!' - Owning Your Behavior, Improving Your Team Doc List
5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyper-Performing Teams Sanjiv Augustine Podcast
Piece-by-Piece and Practice Makes Perfect: Managing Iterative and Incremental Development William Baxter
Lessons from the Lovable Losers on Tuning Your Test Engine for Optimal Performance Geoff Meyer
DrillingInfo: An Evolutionary Approach to Scaled Kanban Jay Paulson
Lessons Learned from 200 Iterations Walter Bodwell
Managing Product Backlogs at All Levels of the Enterprise Candase Hokanson Video
Cultivating Ownership Behavior in Yourself and Others Christopher Avery
A Leader's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Agile Teams William 'Red' Davidson
EZ Bake Oven for Agile Collaborative Games - Play. Do. Learn! Jeff Brantley
Small Shop Agile Transition: Getting Buy-in with Low Tech and Starting Simple Alex Boase
The Executive's Step-by-Step Guide to Leading a Large-Scale Agile Transformation Mike Cottmeyer Video
Evolutionary Testing Practices to Succeed in an Agile World Chris Lawson
Projects are Evil: Make Way for the Product Revolution David Hawks Video Podcast
Avoiding the Dilbert Syndrome: What Does the Agile Manager Actually Do? Dave Sharrock Podcast
Using Behavioral Design to Build Engaging Products Chris Shinkle Podcast@
Trust Me! Building Trust in Development Teams Scott Killen

* - Waiting for content
@ - Allison Pollard, Leon Sabarsky and Chris Shinkle did their podcast together as Agile Roundtable Roulette